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21 Legitimate Ways to Get a Cheap or Free Notary Public (Near Me and Online!) - MoneyPantry (1)We all need a notary from time to time. A notary is someone who witnesses the signing of important documents. They verify the identity of the signer or signers, their willingness to sign the document, and their knowledge of the document's content. Institutions need notaries so they can trust important documents.

There are many cases where a notary is required, for example, when signing a contract or deed.

Notarization helps prevent fraud and ensures that a document is authentic and trustworthy.

However, notary services need not be expensive. In today's post, I'm going to share ways to get a notary public cheap or even free.

In some places, you can actually get authenticated items for free. Others require you to pay a fee, which can range from $2 to $20 depending on your location.National Association of Notaries.

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The notary fees to be paid depend on the state in which you live.

Visit the National Notary Association to learn more about notary fees in your state. I noticed that online notaries (more on that below) charge upwards of $20.

What ID do I need to have something authenticated?

While each state has its own rules for the forms of identification required to have something authenticated, these forms of identification are generally accepted:

  • A government-issued identification document that includes a signature, photograph, and physical description of the individual
  • A valid state-issued driver's license
  • A government-issued ID card
  • a military identity
  • Ein US-Pass

However, your state may have its own requirements.

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Cheap or free notary services in your area

As I said above, a notary service doesn't have to cost a lot. In fact, it might be free!

Here are some places where you can find a cheap or free notary public.

1.The UPS store

When most people think of UPS, they think of a mail delivery service and one of the placeswhere to buy stampsand postal supplies, but also offers other services.

Public notary services are available at many UPS locations. Just bring an official photo ID. Some documents may require witnesses in addition to notarization. Call your local store to see if they have signature witnesses available, if required by your state's laws.


You can have free access to a notary if youAAA Club Member. Many AAA branches offer free notary services to their members. So just call your local club to see if they offer this service.


H-E-B has 340 locations throughout Texas and northeastern Mexico, many of which offer notary public services.


4.mail attachment

PostalAnnex offers shipping and business solutions including shipping accessories and evenFax services near you. One of the services offered is the notary. With over 300 locations across the country, you can have a PostalAnnex agency near you.

For more information on the cost of notary services at PostalAnnex, contact your local business.

5. At work (just ask your boss first)

You could have a notary working in your office. Not all businesses have a notary, but in many workplaces you will find someone in the office who is a notary. They may be willing to have their documents authenticated for a small cost or even for free. If you work in a large organization, you probably have a notary in your office. Just ask around.

6. In a hotel

Some hotels offer an affordable notary service. Simply contact nearby hotels to inquire about their notary services. Or if you are a guest, ask at reception.

disney worldoffers notary services at its business center located at several Disney Resort hotels. It costs $10 per stamp.

7. University and university campuses

Many universities and colleges offer a free or low-cost notary service.Students.Just order one on campus. You can ask a counselor or ask at the library.

8. Your local library

Many libraries not only offer books, newspapers and magazines, but also offer services such as notary. Some libraries offer this service for free or for a small fee. Contact your local libraries to find out if they offer a notary service.

9. Your local bank

Many banks offer their customers a free notary service for non-members for a fee.

Here are some examples of banks that offer free notary services:

10. Your local credit union

Many credit unions offer free or low-cost notary services. Again, like banks, it's usually free for customers, but non-members have to pay a fee.

here are some examples:

11. Local Police Stations

Some police stations offer public notary services to people in their community. Not all stations do this, but it's definitely worth calling your local police station and asking. Usually you have to pay a small fee to have something registered at a police station.

12. Local Government Offices

Many local governments have hired a notary for their deeds. So this might be a good place to get something notarized. You usually only pay a small fee, making this an inexpensive option.

Local government agencies that can provide a notary service include:

  • City hall
  • The court
  • school districts
  • Special districts such as the Park District

Just call your local government offices to find out if they offer a notary service and how much it would cost to have something notarized.

13. Check with the organizations you belong to

Do you belong to any organization? Maybe a community organization? Or maybe you are a member of the PTA?

Whatever it is, if you are part of a group, you can gain access to a notary. Some groups offer a notary service to add value to the membership or because they have members who are notaries for necessary tasks within the organization. So just ask if there is someone to certify your documents.

14. Insurance provider

If you have insurance of any kind, such as home or car insurance, you can ask your insurer to recognize the documents for you. While it's not a common method to have something authenticated, it's a great option when you need it!

15. Realtor

If you have a real estate agent they can authenticate something for you at a reasonable cost. Many real estate agencies have a notary that they use for their own business purposes. Then maybe a real estate agent can help you.

16. Military Base

You probably have access to free notary services if you're in the military. Many officers are authorized to act as notaries for other service members and their dependents.

17. Online directories

An easy way to find a notary is to search online directories.

Here are some online directories where you can find a notary.

Do a search on these sites and you may be able to find a cheap notary public in your area.

18. Google Search

Another option is to search for a notary on Google. just type,"Notary [name of state, city or town, or zip code]."That should give you a lot of results.

Can you have certified documents online?

Yes. But only in certain states. In the past, to have something authenticated, you had to physically sign it in the presence of a notary. However, you can now have your documents authenticated completely online in most states.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) has since become more widespreadThe Covid-19 pandemic. And now more states are allowing it. You can learn more about which states allow RONHere.

I find that while it's convenient to have something authenticated online, it's expensive. It costs about $25 to authenticate a document.

Well, if you want to get something authenticated online, try these places:


Notarize.com offers online legal notarizations available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It connects you to licensed electronic notaries through live video calls. You can use it on any computer or smartphone. Notarizing a document costs $25.


With NotaryCam you can have your document authenticated in minutes. You can use their service on any device and at any time of the day. You will connect with a live notary and confirm your identity face to face via webcam.

21.single user

With OneNotary, you can have your documents authenticated by an online notary within 15 minutes. It costs $25 to have a document authenticated with a notary certificate, plus $6 for an additional certificate.

final thoughts

We all need to hire a notary at some point. But if you're on a budget, you might not want to spend too much on a notary service. Fortunately, there are many ways to get a notary public cheap or even free.

While online notary services are convenient, they aren't cheap, so I wouldn't recommend them if you're looking to save money - for convenience, yes, but not if you're looking for cheap or free notary services.

Try our tips and let us know yours in the comments section below.


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