Services of the last days: Bio (2023)

“There is a Savior, Jesus, God's own Son.

Precious Lamb of God, Messiah... O Holy One.

Thank you, O my father, for giving us your son

And forsake His Spirit until Your work is done on earth."

Green melody

Melody is probably most loved for the songs she wrote. There Is A Redeemer can be found in hymn books around the world, and there are numerous reports of it being sung in villages across Africa and Asia. He has also composed many other standards including Make My Life A Prayer To You, You Are The One, Rushing Wind and The Lord Is My Shepherd.

Melody's life is an adventure that continues to unfold. In addition to songwriting, she is also internationally known as an author and minister. You are fearless when it comes to tackling difficult problems and you are fearless in your journeys. He has been to more than 30 countries to speakwithdrawals,Lectures and well as mentoring men and women in prisons, refugee camps, remote villages, leper colonies, underground churches, and people living in war zones.

His bestseller "Not binding. The Life Story of Keith Green"It has become a must-read classic and has been translated into numerous languages. Melody's "Service Articles" will be distributed to millions of people as BOM WiseTracts, specifically her innovative pro-life message,"We throw away children's things"that at the last count 10 years ago more than 20 million were distributed.


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Although Melody was born in Hollywood, in retrospect she came into this world calmly and without fanfare. He grew up in Venice in a small modern apartment overlooking an alleyway called the Speedway. With no safe place to play and the beach only a few hundred yards away, the sand became their only playground. As a child, always watching the changing tides, star patterns, and sunsets, Melody realized that there was a Creator for such eternal beauty, universal order, andsymmetrythat exist

his father was aSecond World WarNavy SEALsVeteran, hunter and fisherman and factory worker by profession. His mother worked in an accounting firm and he grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family, the daughter ofRussianRefugees. Melody's grandfather was a rabbi, her grandmother the daughter of a great rabbi. Fleeing tsarist persecution, his grandparents packed up their five children and took the train to the Odessa shipyard.

Melody says"It's a miracle she's alive! My family narrowly escaped death in Odessa, then dodged bullets fired at them through the windows on the train ride to the port. My beloved grandparents laid the children on the ground and lay on them, covered with pillows to protect them. They reached the port and actually escaped on the last boat allowing the refugees on board to escape! My mother was her sixth child, but the first child born in the United States."

Today Melodiewürfel, “My family history has played a significant role in shaping my heart to absolutely despise all forms of persecution, prejudice and injustice. Some things are just wrong.”My spirit told melong before I met the Lord."

teenagers and twenties

Since she was Jewish, Melody already knew her thereErasa God... but He always felt so far away.As a teenager and early 20s, Melody was involved in the hippie drug culture, but her greatest quest was finding a real connection to the god she believed was supposed to be there.

She had attended Sabbath School as a child, but now she studied Eastern philosophy, astrology, mysticism and even went to Japan with a group of Buddhists, where she briefly became an icon. But like everything else, it was like sand slipping through her fingers. It didn't really take hold of his mind.

After college, Melody designed clothes in Los Angeles' famed Garment District. He later took a job at a production company. There he met Keith Green, an aspiring musician who was on a very similar spiritual journey. After a year they married and continued their spiritual quest together. NowSongdesigned and manufacturedeinzelClothes for her and Keith for their nightclub performancesand Hollywoodand its recordings auditions.

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In 1975 they were invited to a small Bible study in exclusive Bel Air and their lives changed forever. Melody finally found the truth she was looking for, but in an unexpected package. However, both Melody and Keith understood that in Jesus they had found their one true Messiah.

Calling herself a Christian Jew, Melody decided to just do what the Bible says. So she and Keith opened the doors to their little onehome and took in children with drug problems and unexpected pregnancies, often leading them to the Lord. They also had pot luck dinners and Bible studies in the neighborhood... going door to door inviting people over. Soon more space was needed, so they bought or rented a total of six more houses, built triple-tall bunk beds, ate donated mystery foods (blank cans), and kept growing.

1979,the need to get out of town because of the rehab work they were doing,touched on his flourishing ministryto a 300-acre ranch in East Texas. Melody still traveled on Keith's concert tours where he ran the soundboard, sold albums and however she and Keith made music wherever they could. Back at the ranch, she oversaw "Women's Ministries," wrote hundreds of counseling letters, and took care of her young and growing family.

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-- LDM-Stab 1981

By 1982, the Ministry had a worldwide impact, withalmost 100 employees.SongI've been busy editingMagazine for the last day, in addition to writing many of his articles. Keith's music has been at the top of the charts and nNew plants were built and more were planned.

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Then, one day in July, a tragic accident changed Melody's life forever.

Keith and two of his young children took a short ride on a small plane along with some visiting friends. It was LDM's weekly fast day, and the Ministry pilot had just returned. Keith met the pilot on the tarmac and everyone boarded the plane. But the plane lacked the necessary momentum, only 20 seconds later it crashed into a neighboring field and burst into flames. There were no survivors.

When Keith died he was only 28 years old. Melody's firstborn, Josiah, was almost four years old and Bethany was two years old. At the time, Melody was home with her one-year-old daughter, Rebekah Joy, and was six weeks pregnant with their fourth child. Melody says“On that day the rug was torn from under my whole world.

I could never have made it without the Lord and the support of my friends and the LDM community."But she managed and pushed to guide LDM through the crisis while caring for their surviving daughter.

In the fall of 1982, Melody toured the United States with TheKeith Green Memorial Concert, which reached more than 300,000 people face-to-face. Since the mission field was the last burden she and Keith shared, she was the one left to bear that challenge. Loren Cunningham, Founder of Youth With A Mission said:"That was the greatest missionary challenge in history that I know of."

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Keith Green Memorial Concert Staff and Equipment - 1983

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In March 1983, Melody took time off to give birth to their new daughter, Rachel Hope. Now Melody was a single mom with two little girls... and she ran a large international ministry. It was at a time when there were few female leaders, but the Lord did Melody a great favor and continued to use her and LDM in incredible ways.

In 1985, Melody became a forerunner of the small but fledgling Pro Life movement. She says.“The Lord Told Me to Prioritize Abortion”and of course she took everything from LDM with her. SHe startedAmericans against abortionAIt was not a time when pastors rarely mentioned abortion or felt that believers should even address it. But Melody gave Pro-Life a fresh face and unstoppable energy... and carried the message home, straight to millions of evangelical hearts.

This season, Melody traversed the nation, teaching the biblical perspective on caring for life and urging all believers to take a firm stand. Melody supported only nonviolent media and wore a bulletproof vest due to death threats. Melody spoke in churches, held rallies at Capital Steps and called outsecular press conferences, led marches through the city and pickets outside abortion clinics. She was even arrested once during a peaceful protest, spent the night in a downtown jail and went home with a head injury.

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In the years that followed, God opened many unexpected doors for Melody. He went to India and met Mother Teresa while visiting her "home of the destitute and dying." She has also been invited to the White House to meet with presidents, senators and others in political office. None of it really touched her. She likes to say it“I sat on the floor in India wearing silks for the White House. How weird is that?”

Today, Melody still leads LDM, where her voice can be heard on numerous relevant issues from a biblical perspective. She loves telling people what she feels is important and continues to bring LDM readers the teachings of others who she feels have something important to say.

Believing that caring for others is not optional,Melody established the Good Neighbor Mercy Fund, which enables LDM to raise funds for disaster victims, the sick and those in need. LDM has already helped victims of the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, as well as others in need.

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Using the decades of wisdom of what she calls "real life" and "life of ministry," Melody has endured various tragedies and personal losses, but to this day has emerged from each with greater gratitude to God and more comfort to share with them may, for which they are intended it touches . She says,“Today I have more confidence than ever in God's goodness and ability to provide for us. Even when terrible things happen, He can turn those things around for our good... but only if we have the patience to wait while we suffer.”

Melody lives in Hollywood, California. Their daughters are happily married and follow the Lord with their husbands.

Read "No Strings Attached. Keith Green's Life Story" for more details on Melody's fascinating spiritual journey with Keith.Click here to order


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